Huff Puff Balloons

‘Statement Pieces’

‘Statement Pieces’ have an extra element of hand-finishing, such as the application of ‘gems’, hearts, messages, or hand-cut butterflies as in a recent commission. Or it might be the creation of unique weights or other decorative elements.

If you want something extra-special, why not give us a call or make an appointment for a consultation.

Much of the work we carry out involves what can only be described as ‘Statement pieces’, the ‘Studley’ bubbles and our Character Greeters for instance, but these are well catered for on other pages of our website.

The pieces that we will add to this gallery are all hand-finished. Additional decoration is applied to the balloons and/or the weight, so each piece is unique.

We will have examples of these balloons on display at the various wedding fairs which we will be attending in 2010.