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Air-filled decor

August 1st, 2012
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One of our jobs this weekend was to provide balloon décor at a wedding at The Granary, Shenstone. It’s the first time we have visited this venue, and what a fine venue it is, too.

The décor we provided was unusual in that it was all AIR-FILLED, which, in these times of worldwide helium shortages, is great to achieve. We supplied a balloon Bride and Groom, an Exploder which hung from the ceiling, and a Champagne Bottle Arch.

There are definite problems with helium supply, but we would like to stress to all our booked-in customers that we have sufficient for our needs. It may well be more problematic in the future, but we are a creative team and we know we can design viable alternatives. Indeed, the décor shown on the ‘Highbury’ venue page of our website is all air-filled, as helium-filled décor is not allowed there.

The world of balloon venue décor is undoubtedly changing, but we’re well equipped to adapt and we see ourselves as ‘staying ahead of the game’ thanks to our design capabilities.

Getting in touch with their pink side!

May 7th, 2012
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It was lovely to turn up at Sketchley Grange and see four lads (inc. groom!!) dressing the wedding breakfast room in hot pink and white. It was almost like walking into an episode of Don’t Tell The Bride! They did a fantastic job, and we just put the cherry on top!

‘Royal Wedding’ 2011

April 30th, 2011
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The Royal Wedding in balloons by all at Huff, Puff and Away!

With many thanks to Civic Catering staff at Birmingham City Council House for allowing us to do this photo shoot, now a ‘theme’.

We were able to get coverage on BBC Midlands Today! Bez was interviewed By Ben Sidwell of BBC Midlands at Highbury, the clip was only up for a day or two, but we have some screenshots of all the best bits!

Ben Sidwell with 'The Queen'

So many thanks are in order;

-To the Civic Catering staff at Birmingham City Council House for letting use do a photoshoot in the first place!

-To the Civic Catering staff at Highbury for letting the BBC film us there.

-To BBC Midlands for featuring us in their Royal Wedding coverage!