Huff Puff Balloons

Special Print Balloons

To make an occasion even more special we can arrange for balloons to be printed with unique messages, designs or logos. We have shown a few recent examples in the gallery. We are able to do artwork in house (only the corporate one shown in the gallery had artwork supplied by the customer) for a small additional cost. Printing balloons is not hugely expensive and does not need to involve large runs. It is well worth considering for your special celebration.

Also included are some photos of a unique hand-painted deco bubble balloon, which we completed to celebrate the 90th birthday of an ex-paratrooper. “Does anyone make a balloon with a paratrooper on it?” was the question that got this one started. On hearing the story of this chap – even at the grand old age of 90 he still goes out to local schools to give talks about his WWII experiences – we decided that something special was the least we could do. The result was a deco bubble with an inner blue balloon (the sky) with hand-drawn paratroopers dropping out of a Douglas C47, complete with Normandy landing stripes. We also found a scale paratrooper toy soldier to use, very successfully, as the weight. We’re pleased to have been able to make Pop the Para’s day even more memorable.

Also shown are some hand-painted ‘Mod-themed’ foil balloons that we decorated for a joint party at Castle Bromwich Hall