Huff Puff Balloons


3 balloon cluster

3 Balloon Cluster

5 balloon cluster

5 Balloon Cluster

7 Balloon Cluster

7 Balloon Cluster

3, 5 or 7 helium-filled balloons on an accenting ribbon attached to a weight.

Clusters (occasionally also known as bouquets) are often used as decoration for parties and other events. Clusters can be set on tables or float from the floor and are an effective way to decorate large rooms with average height ceilings.

Normally 11″ latex balloons are used, but for more complex effects all clusters can be made using one or more ‘Double Bubbles’.

A ‘Double Bubble’ is a balloon within a balloon, usually a 9″ coloured balloon inside an 11″ clear balloon. The outer clear balloon may be a printed one, giving a fine semi-transparent effect.

In larger rooms with higher ceilings, clusters can be made with 16″ balloons. 16″ ‘Double Bubbles’ can be very dramatic! 

Clusters may also be a mix of latex and foil balloons, or all foils.

Balloon weights can be customised to create unique displays by including elements of your theme or colour scheme.