Huff Puff Balloons

Table Centrepieces

Table Centrepieces are usually more intricate than Table Clusters, and are often used to highlight a particular area, such as the top table.

The photographs in the gallery show just a few ways that these centrepieces can be achieved.

We often use the new Deco Bubbles for the large outer balloons. These new plastic, rather than latex, balloons are particularly useful if there is anyone attending the event who is balloon-phobic or who has a latex allergy. If we know this in advance we can adapt the design to replace the small latex balloons in the detailing with other features.

Our ‘Studley Bubbles’ can be used as table centrepieces in rooms with high ceilings. We also do smaller Topiary Trees which can be similarly used and which are especially useful at venues such as Highbury, where helium-filled Clusters are not a possibility.