Huff Puff Balloons

‘Studley’ Bubbles

These large balloons are fabulous, whether used singly or in groups.

Our standard ‘Studley Bubble’ is a large balloon, helium-filled, and contains 9 heart balloons co-ordinated to suit your colour scheme. There are various way that we can detail it, usually with either tulle or additional small balloons.

The inner heart balloons may be helium-filled, which allows the happy couple to have them taken outside at some point, where they can be burst with a wand (or remotely, at extra expense) so that the hearts float skywards in a mini balloon release.

As an alternative to the release, we can put air-filled balloons inside – along with paper confetti if required – so that the balloons may be ‘exploded’ indoors. This can be timed, for instance, to coincide with the cutting of the cake, or at the end of the first dance.

Always check with the wedding venue about the use of confetti, we have heard of some that may charge for the additional ‘housekeeping’ following the event.

Final size of these balloons depends upon the size of the room. We always inflate to suit, which can vary between 29″ and 35″