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“Thank you both very much for an excellent day’s training yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel that I learned enough to be able to make all of the characters in the portfolio successfully.  I’m really glad that I got in touch” Nicky – Vale Balloons

If you have a balloon business and are interested in finding out more about our Greeter Training Seminars, please email us and we’ll send a password, so that you can access the information.

The plus points of our designs are:

Our system allows for easy addition of extra detail, to alter characteristics, or to allude to hobbies, work etc.

The Greeters are transportable – they do not have to be constructed ‘on site’

They are self-supporting, there is no requirement for any armature or frame.

They are long-lasting and are robust – if a link loses air, the overall shape can still remain standing and to an extent can be adjusted to compensate

Greeter construction is easily learnt – the designs are aimed at decorator’s skill levels

Great for attracting additional custom.

No other balloon decorator/sculptor has a system whereby various characters can be made from a simple basic structure. We believe that the air-filled body used in this way is uniquely ours, as are the graphic details in the faces, and that we have built up a range of balloon sculptures that we can rightly call our own.

We do, however, recognise that there are details that are inspired by the work of other balloon artists and sculptors. The ‘baby’ that we incorporate into our ‘proud parent’ is based on a design by Sue Marston-Weston whilst some hair detailing came from something seen at a D & P day, by Fiona Fisher.

By taking part in this training, you will gain the benefit of everything that we have learnt by trial and error over the years, and will be able to make and sell top-quality, and above all charming, Characters straight away.