Huff Puff Balloons

Party Packages

These packages give an idea of costs for our Balloon Decor, but we would always recommend that you talk to us about your own specific requirements, so that we may tailor a package best suited to your own Special Day.

Party Package 1: (Party Packages are priced to include a printed ‘age’ balloon or ‘Happy Birthday’ or other message balloon (where available) in each Cluster, and suitable weights)

8x 3-Balloon Clusters

+ 2x Giant Numerals:

Total: £99.00 + delivery (see chart under ‘Delivery’ button)


Party Package 2:

8x 3-Balloon Clusters

+ 1x 17-balloon Linked-balloon Arch:

Total: £115.00 + delivery (see chart under ‘Delivery’ button)


Party Package 3:

8x 3-Balloon Clusters (each incorporating 1 foil balloon)

+ 1x 17-balloon Linked-balloon Arch:

Total: £135.00 + delivery (see chart under ‘Delivery’ button)

We don’t charge for advice and are always happy to help!