Huff Puff Balloons


Because there are so many variables, a complete price list is too complicated to put here.

To give a idea we have listed examples of costs of individual decor items. Our Decor Packages page shows the costs of a variety of room decor packages.

Please contact us to discuss specific requirements, either by email (Contact Us button at bottom of page) or by phone, between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm.

3-balloon 11″ clusters using pearlised balloons and a suitable weight are from £8.50 each.

A 19-balloon Single-Line Arch, using pearlised balloons, suitable for many venues, is £60.00.

Studley Bubbles: from £49.50 each with 9 heart or round balloons inside, or £54.50 with 9 heart or round balloons and confetti inside.

Exploders: Similar to Studley Bubbles but with lots of small balloons inside: from £85.00 or £90 with confetti also.

Table Centrepieces are from £15.00 per table.

Floating Topiary Balls are from £29.50

Topiary Table Centres are from £19.50

Incorporating pre-printed balloons increases the cost (usually +25p or +50p, depending upon printed balloon used)…

Marbled balloons increase the cost (+50p per marbled balloon used)…

‘Double bubbles’ increases the cost (+£1 per double-bubbled balloon used)… 3-balloon 11″ clusters using pearlised balloons, all double-bubbled, and a suitable weight are from £11.50 each.

A batch of balloons printed with a design unique to your event costs extra, too (see Special Prints page). Please contact us to discuss specific requirements.

Whatever weight is specified can change the cost. A colour co-ordinated bombe weight is usually the best option. A stylish joined hearts weight adds £1 to the cost of a decor item. For other weights please contact us to discuss requirements.

Our Character Greeters prices are shown in the ‘Balloon People‘ gallery. Click on any image to bring up a larger photo with caption and prices.





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